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  • About Us

    Launched in 2011 The Woodlawn Reentry Project is a not for profit community based organization founded in response to the needs of those coming out of incarceration. We seek to assist residents of the Woodlawn Community re-acclimate to life in their communities and act as a stabilizing force within the community.


    We are committed to education as the tool of empowerment, providing those released with a the tools to solve the problems they face is becoming restored to their communities.

    Gregory Gaither

    CEO and Founder

    Founder and Chair of the Illinois African American Juvenile Justice Coalition

    Graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago (B.A., Africana Studies)

    Graduate of Concordia University (M.A, School Leadership)

    Graduate of UChicago's School of Social Service Administration (M.A.)

  • Moments

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    Cook County Jail Education Initiative

    Our work at Cook County jail in restorative education

    This video highlights a program active in the Cook County Jail system where teachers and detainees come together to form a school. Through a horticultural program and a class schedule the students are equipped with the educational tools and services to seriously think about what their next move after detention and to truly be prepared for that.

  • What We Do

    Here are the resources and services that we can offer to help you or those you care about

    Case Management

    Our Method of Engaging With You One to One

    In establishing a relationship with you we, WRP, employ the philosophy of case management. We work with you to assess your individual needs moving then to drafting a plan of action together. Keeping this line of communication alive, we seek to evaluate and modify our methods working with you to ensure the available resources are present, timely, and maximally effective towards achieving your personal goals. We also hope that through this relationship that we can be an ally in times of crisis to help you navigate the problem.


    We want to build relationship and community with you on your terms and so open communication stands as one of our highest values. We hope to be the conduit through which you can access the resources you need and an advocate in you fight for restoration.

    Workforce Development Services

    Methods to help you find work and purpose in your community

    We at the Woodlawn Reentry Project are committed to ensuring that you can establish a stable and fulfilling professional career. To this end we have a workforce development program including training in entrepreneurship, business, and technology training.


    We can help you identify key mentors resources to hone both your hard skills and soft skills to make you a more desirable candidate for any line of employment and more successful wherever you decide to work. Our methods around this include training in the Microsoft Suite, resume and cover letter prep, interview skill workshops, etc.

    School Re-engagement

    Helping You Access The Education You Need To Succeed

    The dis-engagement and isolation of school-age justice-involved populations outside public education increases risks compromising public-safety in and around local school communities.


    We seek then to help you successfully re-engage and reintegrate back into local public schools or to seek a General Equivalency Degree (GED) so that you can move on with your educational experience. Through our academic and tutorial support partnerships forged with University of Chicago Student Organizations, including Columbia College Film Students, we provide resources to enhance your educational/vocational learning experiences.

  • Resources

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    Chicago is Tracking Kids with GPS Monitors That can Call and Record them Without Consent

    This article produced by Citylab discusses Cook County's new contract for juvenile anchor monitors and the implications of the technology's use on personal privacy. Gathering testimonies from those who have been subjected to the product's use speaks out against its use arguing its negative effects far outweigh any merit in the technology.


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    No More Shackles: Why We Must End the Use of Electronic Monitors for People On Parole

    This article produced by the Center for Media Justice and the Urbana-Campaign Independent Media Center analyzes the move to electronic monitoring (EM) as an alternative to incarceration as decarceration and ending cash bail rise in prominence. The authors call for an end to this e-carceration laying out their reasons throughout the piece as to why when people have done their time they should be cut loose not made to jump through hoops and be shackled with more devices.


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